Attraction spells for beauty

You know the type of woman he likes because you’ve studied him enough to know. You’ve seen his ex’s and how the last almost never differs from the current. You look nothing like them, your features are miles apart. This explains how after so many attempts to have him look your way, have him notice you or pay any attention to you for longer than when he has to have all failed. So what now?

Now you look to a look you don’t have to go seeking but which will have him eating out of the palm of your hand. Have the woman he looks for in beauty be you. Not only will he see what he wants but he will only want it from you. The beauty spell will have the idea of his ideal woman be your image. And he will drop everything and come to you, be lured and pasted to you and be happy at that too. This isn’t as hard as I make it sound, it really is so simple.

Once the spell is used on him, a certain amount of time will go and he will then begin loving and wanting you. As per indicated by the spell. You will have him at your disposal and he will only rejoice at the image of his dream woman all the time.