Candle spells for fortune, prosperity and success

Candle spells for fortune, prosperity and success

Very effective money candle spells, effective good luck candle spells and effective candle spells for prosperity and success. Candles, especially green candles, contain very powerful esoteric properties that can help you in your pursuit for wealth, fortune, prosperity and success. The spell is especially cast through the Goddess of Fortune. It is suited for businessmen who would want to expand their businesses because it can attract massive customers, huge profits and success.


Fortune is usually represented with a wheel, named the Ferris wheel. This symbolism claims that it is unpredictable and random. If seen from a metaphysical point of view, the set of forces that control fortune are difficult to predict. My spells for fortune, prosperity and success will work to align the wheel of fortune to your advantage. It will make it to roll and rotate to your advantage so that you can prosper and become wealthy.


In its purely positive side, fortune is also associated with a Cornucopia of unpredictable factors and is usually represented by the same. At other times, it is envisaged that this goddess of fortune is similarly drawn to supply fortune to people in a blindfolded manner. This is what brings about the claim that fortune is blind and apparently pilots humanity in the same way. It is not surprising that the most capricious goddess of fortune is the least understood. She has to be appealed to if your fortune and luck is to be enhanced. My spells will help un-blindfold the face of fortune so you can clearly see what is ahead of you.


This candle has been specially created to help you achieve and success in life by influencing the goddess of fortune. In this way, the spells work to overturn the unforeseeable circumstances that may work against your fortunate future. It works by adding a new force already acting to get that fortune to favour you, making an appeal to all the good things in life.


If you are a man or woman in dire need of cash, cast my effective spells for fortune, prosperity and success. This spell can also be cast as good luck money spells, voodoo money spells, money spells that work and easy money spells.